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tv   News 4 Midday  NBC  May 31, 2012 11:00am-12:00pm EDT

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large crowd that we have assembled here. not too surprising. fans of course flocked to chuck
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brown's concerts it see him perform live and now they're flocking to the d.c. convention center to celebrate his life. ♪ ♪ ♪ wintd me up, chicauck. >> reporter: this woman grabbed her spot at the head of the line at 8:00 last night. >> i wanted to make sure i get in and my family came. and chuck is like that. he bring everybody together. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: chuck proun could always pack the house. and his memorial service is no different. thousands of people are expected to attend. the crowd so big that the service is being held in the d.c. convention center. >> i just wanted to be here to feel the atmosphere. to feel the love that chuck brown has gathered throughout the city. >> wonderful. his legacy, his encouragement,
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his peace, his love, his happiness, everything. his music, phenomenal. wonderful, wonderful energy. >> reporter: brown's rose-covered casket sat the front of the stage. behind it drums, keyboards and microphones. that's because this service will be as much about the service as the eulogy and other remarks there are ten musical selections on the program. including one by the brown family and one final performance, a medley of chuck brown's music performed by his band and several special guests. >> this is not going to be like a funeral, it's going to be like a celebration. this is party today. i don't think too many people are going to be crying today. he's not going anywhere. he's right here. >> reporter: and sugar bear, james funk, white boy and big tony will be among the musicians performing in that final tribute. and then the brown family is going to be performing "it's so hard to say good-bye." you can see the crowd assembled
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here. there are many more outside the convention center waiting to get inside. capacity here is 14,500 and we may hit capacity before it's all over. reporting live from the d.c. convention center, megan mcgrath, news4. sounds like a celebration. thank you, megan. and you can watch the entire chuck brown memorial service live starting at noon on and on nbc washington nonstop. >> can you watch it at cox channel 803 and 4.2 over the air. right now, marlboro pike remains closed between donnell drive and loring drive in forestville. the early mn morning crash killed one person, police say a car barrelled into a utility pole and bust into flames. they haven't identified the victim or said ha led to the accident. it's unclear how long marlboro pike will remain closed. d.c. drivers are dealing
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with big problems this morning. a water main break and giant sinkhole are closing roads and businesses. the water main break and sinkhole are at connecticut and n street northwest. connecticut is shut down from r to n street. which is definitely a problem for drivers and businesses in that area. news4's tracee wilkins has the story. >> reporter: this water main break happened just before 7:00 a.m. you can see just how much of a mess it caused. debris went everywhere. lots of rocks and dirt. now this is the middle of connecticut avenue, just down from due ppont circle. a number of streets had to be shut so the repair work could begin. these pictures say it all. just before 7:00 a.m., connecticut avenue turned into a river. as a water main break at connecticut and n street sent water and debris floating for blocks. work is already under way to repair a 12-inch water main break that is wreaking havoc in downtown d.c.
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two blocks of businesses are without water between dupont circle and jefferson place in northwest. no water meant no work for some downtown employees. >> because there's to water, there's going to be no water for air conditioning. so that's going to be pretty unbearable later today. >> reporter: on the other hand, too much water meant no work for folks who work in this mixed-use office complex at 1250 connecticut avenue. >> i guess the, there's two basements in the building and one of them flooded. so now i can't go to work. >> reporter: the buildings at 1130 connecticut and 1200 18th street were evacuated due to water damage. d.c. water officials say it's too early to predict when all of this is going to be wrapped up. it is expected to impact evening rush, but they are hoping to have folks who don't have water in this area up and running again by 4:00 p.m. we're going to have to wait to see if that happens. in northwest i'm tracee wilkins,
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news4. it made for tough morning for commuters in that area. let's take a look at conditions now. here's danella sealock with her first look at midday traffic. >> it's been a mess all day on the roadways. and still just letting people know, marlboro pike, your closure is still happening right now between loring drive and donnell drive as you mentioned, barbara. over to where tracie is right now, westbound n street northwest at connecticut avenue, all lanes are blocked in this area and there's a sinkhole they're dealing with in addition to the water main break, affecting southbound lanes of connecticut avenue in northwest. between r street and n street. and at last check, that was also affecting the inner circle of dupont circle. so be aware of it as you're making your connection in d.c. today. crossing over the 14th street bridge, you have road work blocking your right lane. it looks like you are able to pass two lanes on the left here. barbara, back over to you. >> and turning to the weather now. and a beautiful day ahead. storm 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us with the first forecast. what are we going to do with day
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like this, tom in. >> it's absolutely perfect. a perfect end to may, a perfect spring day under way. late spring day. almost summer. tomorrow the first day of meteorological summer. it's feeling like it now. we've cleared out as beryl raced out to sea overnight. we've had high pressure moving in it's not going to last long. that will be dristing off the coast and then tomorrow we'll have a big change in our weather moving in right now, though, all of those areas in orange across virginia into maryland, already now near 80 degrees. it's 80 at reagan national. 82 in richmond. you may get into the upper 80s, areas south of washington across north-central virginia. west and north, still in the 70s, those areas in yellow. a few places in the 60s. in the highlands of west virginia and western maryland. now as we take a look for the afternoon, we'll have our temperatures climbing into the mid 80s by mid afternoon. but it will feel comfortable with the low humidity in place and we'll have a fresh northwest breeze around five to ten miles
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per hour. then, the big changes move in tomorrow. i'll have the latest on that, we'll look at the weekend, too, and into next week in a few minutes. barbara? >> thank you, tom. right now, police are investigating a deadly shooting in the district. they're trying to determine who shot and killed man in the 800 block of burns street in southeast d.c. this morning. the man's body was found in a parked suv. police have not released any suspect information. neighbors say they never thought it would come to this. police in prince george's county say they, it began as a domestic dispute, but ended in gun fire. and the man involved set his house on fire before taking his own life. the sequence of events unfolded yesterday afternoon on lorraine street in temple hills. neighbors say a man chased his wife and her young children from their home with a gun. the neighbors managed to get the woman and her children in a car and drove them to safety. witnesses say the man then set a car in the driveway on fire before running back into the
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home. moments later, neighbors heard two gunshots and the house went up in flames. they say they knew the couple was having problems. but are stunned at what happened. >> it hurts because it's family. you know, 12 years. sorry. she's like a big sister to me. >> police have not released the name of the man they say took his own life. and some breaking news now, a federal court of appeals in boston ruled a law that denies federal benefits married couples is unconstitutional. the defense of marriage act discriminates against married same-sex couples by denying them those federal benefits. law also defines marriage as a union between a man and a woman. congress passed the law in 1996. since then eight states and the district of columbia legalized same-sex marriage. our time right now, nine
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minutes after 11:00. coming up, new information on americans kidnapped in egypt. plus, touchdown is scheduled this hour for the first private aircraft to fly to the international space station. and this year's youngest contestant in the national spelling bee is already looking s[ male announcer ] are youking paying more and more for cable
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or visit us online to save even more. fios. a network ahead. new today, two american
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tourists kidnapped in egypt have been released early this morning. local police say bedouins kidnapped the two men last night on the sinai peninsula. the kidnappers were angry that egyptian police arrested one of their relatives. they demanded the release of their relative in exchange for the release of the hostages. no word if authorities gave in to the kidnappers' demands. the pentagon says a maryland marine has died in afghanistan. sergeant julian chase died on monday while conducting combat operations in the helmand province. the 22 lived in edgewater and graduate entered 2008 from woodrow wilson high school in the district. a debate over abortion is taking center stage today on capitol hill. the house is expected to vote on a bill to make it illegal to have an abortion based on the gender of the fetus. supporters say research shows female fetuses are aborted much more often than males. opponents say it will further limit a woman's right to choose, and force doctors to scrutinize
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their parents unfairly. even if the bill passes in the house, it's likely to die in the democrat-controlled senate. today, three u.s. presidents will all be at the white house. president obama is hosting presidents george w. bush and george h.w. bush for the official unveiling of the george w. bush portrait. the three presidents and their wives will sit down for a private lunch about an hour from now. this will be the first time george w. bush will be at the white house since january of 2010, when he was there to help with humanitarian relief after the earthquake in haiti. and what a gorgeous day, the two presidents have to be back in washington. they'll have great memories of this day. what amazing weather, tom. >> perfect for the pool, outdoor fun, outdoor work. if you have to work outside. although you will definitely need the sunblock, it's a strong, late-may sun and a blue sky pouring down on the monuments, a live view. city camera, right now, reagan
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national, 80 degrees, dew point, a comfortably dry 51. the low humidity in place throughout the afternoon. look at this beautiful spring flower arrangement. this was sent in by one of our viewers, joyceann gray of sterling, virginia post your photos, weather and nature to our facebook page or send them to and we will share. as we look at the view from space, over the last 12 hours, high pressure moved in and we have a beautiful clear sky around the region. temperatures are warming into the upper 70s to around 80 around the metro area. near the bay as well it's near 80 degrees as well as on the eastern shore. farther west, low to mid 70s, shenandoah valley, panhandle of west virginia, into western maryland. delightfully dry all around the region now and a big change on the way for today, plenty of sunshine. then as we get into tomorrow, that's when we'll have an approaching front that will be likely moving in. it looks like the greatest chance for any showers and storms probably not moving in
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until friday evening. here's the timeframe. it does look like the line will be sweeping through friday night, then east of the metro area, by 3:00 or so in the morning on saturday, so the timeframe for maybe the strongest storms tomorrow will be between around 6:00, 8:00 p.m. until 1:00 a.m. in that six-hour period there. friday evening. so keep that in mind. then it will quickly exit and we'll get sunshine back for saturday. so here's how things are looking for the rest of the afternoon. plenty of sunshine, you'll definitely need your sunscreen. we'll have our temperatures reaching the mid 80s by mid afternoon. and it's going to be warm here into this evening. the sunset is at 8:27 under a clear sky, we'll be near 80 by sunset. database to near 70 by midnight and winds will shift to the southeast in advance of the front approaching on friday. maybe a little sun in the morning, but then quickly clouding up during the day tomorrow and afternoon highs reaching the low 80s. as i mentioned, the storms moving in right now the timing looks to be later in the day. perhaps after 6:00 p.m. on
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friday into friday evening, and then ending before dawn on saturday. and sun back saturday afternoon. a beautiful day saturday afternoon, into the mid 70s. a cool start sunday morning, near 60. afternoon highs under a partly cloudy sky should climb to near 8 0 on sunday, not too humid it looks like a great day for outdoor recreation and fun on sunday. back to work and school on monday, into tuesday and wednesday, each day next week, looking partly sunny each day. only a slight chance of a shower. morning lows each day near 60. afternoon highs, right around 80 degrees. so some pleasant weather as we get into the first full week of june. can't believe may is gone already. this is the final day of may. and tomorrow is the first day of meteorological summer. it will be rather stormy so stay tuned, we'll be keeping you posted on the latest timing on that. tune in later this afternoon. >> great day for the last day of meteorological spring. >> it is. >> we're going to check on the traffic. hopefully things are getting better in some areas, danella,
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how is it looking? >> new things to talk about, traveling southbound on i-270 at falls road, have a crash there blocking the right lane. going to show you a live camera, i can't see it on cam remarks it doesn't mean it's not there. it could be out of sight. i want to show you that the volume is very light, please be careful, stick to the left to avoid the accident that's there. over to i-66 as you make your way eastbound at nutley. the road work continues again today. and blocks the left lane for you. just got to stick to the right. and your travel speed from fairfax county parkway, you're under speed, at about 40 miles per hour, 15 minutes to get from fairfax county parkway to the beltway. barbara, back to you. thank you, danella. >> 18 after 11:00 now, still ahead on "news4 midday" -- steve hayes is bringing his workout bands to the studio today with exercises that are perfect for two. ♪ ♪ and a look at a special concert taking place this weekend. but first, here's a look at what's hot. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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♪ ♪ ♪ fabulous music, you're
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listening to the youth chorus part of the congressional chorus, the congressional chorus is celebrating 25 years of music-making here in washington. a part of the celebration will be a special concert this weekend. here to talk about it and the chorus is artistic director david simmons and youth director, myia mcguire. can you tell us about the congressional chorus? how long has it been around? >> we're celebrating our 25th anniversary. we started 25 years ago, about eight people. we now are 75-member chorus. adult chorus and 75-member youth chorus. our concert this saturday, we're the only chorus that focuses solely on american music. we'll be presenting a wide array of american music, folk songs, jazz. two new pieces just commissioned for this concert and mia will be
11:23 am
the soloist for one piece. dwh do you have to be a member of the congress or work at the congressional staff to sing with this group? >> no, you don't. we opened up membership, so now you can belong to any walk of life, people from virginia, maryland, d.c., it is an audition chorus, but you can audition and be a member. >> mia, did you audition for the outchorus? >> yes, i did. >> houng have you been singing with them? >> i've been singing with the american youth chorus for two years. >> how old are you? >> i'm ten. >> so you started at eight. >> what ages? >> eight to 14. >> and how do you find your young members? >> well, we started with lots of ads, but we've had such great word of mouth over the last couple of years that it just has grown exponentially. we had the honor of singing for mrs. obama last december at the white house. >> this weekend you're going to have both the congressional and
11:24 am
the youth choruses singing? >> national christian church on thomas circle. >> you are excited about this solo you're going to be singing? >> yes, it's a very beautiful song. >> and it was written just for this particular event, is that right? >> yeah. >> do you want to give us a little taste of it in. >> sure. >> this is the beginning of the second movement. based on a langston hughes poem called dreams. ♪ hold fast to dreams ♪ for when dreams should die ♪ life's a broken-winged bird that cannot fly ♪ ♪ hold fast to dreams ♪ for when dreams should go ♪ life's a barren field ♪ frozen with snow >> beautiful. that's just gorgeous what did
11:25 am
you sing when you auditioned? >> well we went over some just singing stuff. so we didn't actually sing a song. >> i heard that you did some shirley temple songs. >> yeah. >> what was one of them? >> we did "on the good ship lollipop." >> and can i have a little taste of that? >> and "animal crackers." >> okay. ♪ animal crackers ♪ in my soup ♪ monkeys and rabbits ♪ loop the loop ♪ gosh oh gee ♪ how i have fun ♪ swallowing animals one by one ♪ ♪ in every bowl of soup i see ♪ lions and tigers watching me ♪ i make them jump right through a hoop ♪ ♪ those animal crackers in my soup ♪ >> wonderful, i see why you chose her to sing for the congressional chorus.
11:26 am
let us tell folks how they can get the tickets. they are for this weekend's concert. they can go to, is that right? >> and they'll be available at the door. >> david simmons, thank you so much for coming to tell us about it, and mia mcguire, what a voice. maybe you'll be singing in the movies one day. >> we hope so. 11:26 the time. coming up in the next half hour, the horrific accident caught on camera and the quick-thinking action of one man who may have saved some lives. plus, was she nervous? the 6-year-old competing in the national spelling bee answers that question. and tom kierein will be back with a look at our chance for rain and storms.
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right now on "news4 midday," thousands of fans paying their last respects to the godfather of go-go, chuck brown. a free public memorial begins in about half an hour. at the washington convention center. the chuck brown band will perform along with sugar bear,
11:30 am
mesa, james funk and more. a water main break and sinkhole has shust down a major part of connecticut avenue at dupont circle, it happened around 7:00 a.m. and left two blocks of business without running water. crews are saying the evening commute will be affected by the water main break. the field is down to 50 at the scripps national spelling bee. but the youngest contestant in the bee's history won't be among them. 6-year-old lori anne madison of prince william county missed her second word by just one letter. but she didn't go down without proving she knows her stuff. melissa mollett is at the news4 superscreen with more. >> a the love people were bummed when lori anne madison misspell herd second word during the bee. but no one has had a better attitude about it than lori anne herself. >> i just love spelling, i love spelling words. it's not being on the stage, it's nothing else. it's not even -- mostly the trophies, it's just something that i like spelling.
11:31 am
>> the 6-year-old started out strong, easily spelling dirigible. which means capable of being steered. but then came the word, ingluvies, and she had a little more trouble. >> e-n-g-l-u-v-i-e-s, ingluvies. >> that is incorrect. >> now, lori anne misspelled the word by just one letter. she started it with an "e" instead of the way it should have been, which is an "i." in case you aren't familiar with the word, it's part of the word's esophagus. >> i wasn't nervous at all. it was exciting until the point when i misspelled the word. the long wait was so boring. and then i got stressed out and i misspelled. so that's what was going on. i'm really excited to go to next year's bee. if i go. which is probably going to be a yes. >> lori anne entered her first spelling bee at age three and a half. she earned a place at the
11:32 am
national bee in march after beating 21 spellers at a regional competition. i don't think it's the last we've seen of her, as she said, she does expect to be back next year. back do you. >> i don't think it will be the last we see of her, either. right now, spacex dragon is just minutes away from splashing down in the pacific ocean. here's a look at the capsule when it was released from the international space station earlier this morning. dragon brought more than 1,000 pounds of food and supplies to the station, is bringing back to work a load of cargo and science equipment. dragon is the first private supply ship to make such a trip. spacex has a contract with nasa to continue the supply trips and they eventually hope to ferry astronauts with the capsule. another spaceship is closer to flying tourists into outer space. richard branson's vergen galactic now has clearance from the faa to test its rocket-powered spaceship ii.
11:33 am
the spacecraft is designed to be carried into air by a special plane and rocket up about 70 miles up to give space tourist as taste of weightlessness. 500 people, including actor ashton kutcher have signed up for a ride. we now know the names of the two men who were killed in a mid airplane collision in fauquier county on monday. 57-year-old paul guardlea of burke, virginia and 60-year-old james duncan of bethesda died after their plane went down. the pilot of the other blaen, 70-year-old thomas proven survived. duncan was part of the nasa medical team on site during the chilean mine rescue, he was honored by the president for his efforts there. the sheriffs office in montgomery county is saying they have solved a murder for hire cold case from back in 1975. you won't believe how the arrest was made. on tuesday, 63-year-old bobby coaly applied for work as a temp. a background check uncovered an
11:34 am
outstanding warrant against him. so the southeast d.c. man went to the montgomery county sheriffs office to clear his name. >> we looked at his name. we weren't finding anything until we finally looked in judicial case search. we actually saw that a warrant popped up under that name. bobby coley. it said first-degree murder. >> 1975, a woman said her husband disappeared after leaving his apartment complex in wheaton. the man's body was never found. in 1984, a detective received information that the missing person case was actually a murder for hire case. the informant said the woman hired three men, including bobby coley to kill her husband because he had abused her. we're getting new information about what led to a deadly shooting spree in seattle. the shooting started at a cafe yesterday morning. a witness said a man had been kicked out of a coffee shop, but came back. the employees asked him if he wanted a coffee to go and that's when they say he walked to the
11:35 am
door, turned around, and opened fire. police say he shot five people, killing three and injuring two. about a half hour later, police say the same man shot and killed a woman during a carjacking. he then shot himself as officers surrounded him. he died from his injuries. the gunman's brother tells the "seattle times," that he suffered from mental illness. five people at a neighborhood bar in minnesota were injured when a pickup truck came barrelling into that building. surveillance cameras caught the crash on tape. the driver of the truck suffered a medical emergency, hit a telephone pole and kareemed right through the building. several people were pinned between the bar and the truck. this morning on the "today show" the bartender talked to ann curry about his narrow escape from injury. >> it was a miracle, i couldn't believe it just unbelievable. >> was there no warning, a sound? or were you taken completely by surprise? >> well i had moved to that side of the bar, because, i couldn't
11:36 am
hear the customer talking to me and then as i was walking, a caught a telephone pole flying through the parking lot and then i heard a boom and then the truck was there, it was total chaos. >> luckily the bar owner's son had a bobcat out back. he used that to move the truck off the victims. six people were taken to the hospital, including the truck driver. and let's turn our attention to the beautiful day we have out here. we hope it's going to last through the whole day. tom? >> it will. but this kind of dry heat is situation where you can get a quick burn. so definitely if you're going to be out for a length of time this afternoon, slather on the sunblock. right now it is heating up. we're into the 80s throughout much of virginia, into maryland. all the areas in the orange. the areas in yellow, still in the 70s just generally west and north of washington. a few locations out of the mountains in the 60s now. we ought to hit the mid 80s by mid afternoon. after we have cleared out and high pressure has moved in since we had beryl exiting the atlantic seaboard.
11:37 am
but this high pressure is moving quickly. it's not going to be over us much longer. it's going to be exiting later tonight. it will allow a front to move in from the midwest. and that will increase our clouds tomorrow. we'll have afternoon highs today into the mid 80s, overnight tonight as clouds increase, in the low to mid 60s by dawn on friday. mostly cloudy tomorrow morning and cloudy during the afternoon. highs reaching the low 80s tomorrow. then it looks like the greatest chance for any storms would be perhaps between 6:00 p.m. and midnight to 1:00 a.m. on saturday. some of them could produce some damaging winds, perhaps some very heavy downpours, with frequent lightning. could even be a little bit of hail. after that we ought to clear out and get some sun back saturday afternoon. highs reaching mid 70s, near 80 in the afternoon. and a settled pattern into midweek next week. and we're going to check again on the midday traffic with danella sealock. >> good morning, barbara. if you're traveling into the area right now, on marlboro pike, your closure still between
11:38 am
loring drive and donnell drive due to the serious crash, closed until further notice. police have set up detours in the area, so please use caution and follow the detours. in the district, westbound n street at connecticut avenue, all lanes still blocked by the water main break. same thing southbound connecticut avenue. closures between r street and n street. i-270, southbound at falls road, had an accident blocking the right lane, it's now gone. you're nice and clear. back to you. a super-sized soda ban could be coming to the big apple. new york city mayor, michael bloomberg, plans to propose a ban on sugary drinks larger than 16 ounces. they would be banned in restaurants, who ofvy theaters, delis and mobile food carts. bloomberg says the plan is aimed at fighting obesity, citing health statistics that show 58% of adults in the city and 40% of public school kids are overweight. the proposal would need to be approved by the city's board of health. well if you're looking to slim down for summer and need a
11:39 am
wonderful way to do it you might want to do it as a workout and you might want to do it with somebody else. our fitness expert. steve hayes, is here with ideas for you. good morning, steve. >> good morning. >> you've got something where it takes two. >> yes, we have duray and juliette. >> nice to meet you both. >> and great things to show us how to do. we're going to start with exercises for the arms and back. >> yes. this is a rowing, barbara, i love this one. >> you're using bands. >> bands. >> we band together. here's one, barbara, this is a two in one. say for instance if you want to work your quads and hips, sit there and get maximum tension, i'll going to step behind them and get maximum tension on the band. using the quads and hips just to sit. now we're going to row, work the back and the shoulders, you have your partner. the way you keep your balance is you sit back on your heels and that stops you from going forward.
11:40 am
>> fantastic. now this works on the core of course. and the arms and the back. >> when you're sitting like that you have to lock the core in. >> how does it feel, juliette? >> i'm working. >> well that's a good one. now what are the benefits of using the resistance bands for this? >> the bands, they're user friendly. you can work the tendons without any compromising of the muscle. say for instance when you're using free weights, there may be a tendency you could injure yourself by going wrong. but the bands allow you to lock the tendons in. >> come on back here and steve why don't you stand on that side. and now we are going to talk a little bit about the some other exercises you have something called external rotation in. >> oh yes. this one works again, if the band, you want to get a band with a partner, nice and taught, not so that you're going to strain yourself. now we're going to work the front part of the shoulders, the one is pulling, the other part is pulling and right in here.
11:41 am
the rotator cuff. you have complete control with the bands, it allows you to have complete control over the exercise. >> it doesn't matter that they are, one is a little bit shotter, a little less -- strong, i suppose than the other? >> the tension is the same. it's still burning. because it's just a matter of how much you're putting into it. >> i guess you would switch sides and do it again. >> you've got something called the bicep curl. >> this one is great, as you see, duray is making maximum tension. as you see with juliette, she is pulling up, working the bicep. but look at the back of her arm, the tricep. he's not moving at all. >> not at all. holding it for her and now she's going to do it for him, too. let's see that. >> and again, it's all it takes is she's using maximum tension and he's locking himself in and he's going up and pulling down.
11:42 am
>> the lunge rotation, you'll love this one. this one also this works quads, abs and hips, as you're rotating, step forward, quads, abs and as you turn you're working the lower extremity, working that core. >> and the nice thing is you're doing it with someone else. >> that's right, you're having fun, you're banding together. >> thank you so much both of you for coming. >> thank you, thank you for having us. >> the recommendation? >> the recommendation, is that this month is national hearing month. so please get your hearing tested because over 35 million people haven't had it tested. >> great idea. >> thank you, barbara. >> thanks so much for coming. 11:42, still ahead on "news4 midday," why an event that thousands of people attend every year could be a little less crowded this year. plus, working to control the p[ male announcer ] are youe paying more and more for cable
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fios. a network ahead.
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deer are a major problem in rock creek park and now the national park service has a plan to fix it. park officials say the number of
11:46 am
deer has increased from four sightings in 1960 to more than 80 dpeer per square mile in the four square-mile park. the agency says they're planning to reduce the deer population because of the damage the animals have done to plant growth. sharp-shooters and birth control are two methods being used to reduce the population. the plan will be carried out over the next 15 years. a planned parenthood controversy earlier this year is taking its toll on the susan g. komen's biggest event. registration for the washington, d.c. global race for the cure is down 40% this year. only 25,000 people have signed up for saturday's race compared to about 40,000 last year. similar downturns reported around the country. komen yanked funding from planned parenthood because of federal investigation about the program but overwhelming public outcry forced them to reverse that decision. the number of americans
11:47 am
seeking unemployment rose last week to a five-week high, cnbc's hampton pearson joins us with more. >> reporter: that was part of the weak economic data that's kept stocks in negative territory right from the opening bell. right now we're looking at the major averages, the dow down 50 pounds, the nasdaq down 24, the s&p down nine points. two not so great snapshots of the jobs market. last week the numb of americans seeking unemployment benefits rose it a five-week high, up 10,000 to 383,000 according to the labor department. ahead of tomorrow's jobs report, a closely watched survey of private-sector job growth from payroll processor, adp showed private employers creating 133,000 jobs in may, fewer than the expected 148,000. and rounding out our economic trifecta, the commerce department telling us the overall economy grew at just a 1.9% annual rate in the first quarter, slower than previous estimates.
11:48 am
meanwhile, there was good news from major retailers. one of the few market bright spots, including target, posting a 4.4% increase in sales and macy's in the limited brands, also beating market expectations. finally, and closer to home, marriott is adding to its hotel portfolio. marriott making a deal with the gaylord entertainment company to buy its hotel management company and its brand for $210 million. gayland shareholders will have to approve converting kth into a real estate investment trust. if approved, gaylord keeps its existing hotels but marriott takes over the management and gets four more hotel and 7800 rooms nationwide, including the gaylord hotel and yengs center at the national harbor and next to the wilson bridge. on a day like this it's a good thing to invest in restaurants and hotels along the waterfront.
11:49 am
thank you. >> in this week's wednesday's child, it's been about a year since we featured ayman. he was a shy young guy who needed a family to help understand the fears kids guy when they've had to move from house to house for so much of their lives. amond has found that family. >> wow. fantastic. ahmad, great to see you. you've turned into a real winner, haven't you. >> yeah. >> fantastic and i think you've got a winning family over here you're going to introduce me to? >> amad came to the park with some of his new family so we could get to meet them. his parents and five of his new siblings joined them. some of the older ones have already grown up and left home. but there's still plenty of family ready to make ahmad feel welcome and most of all, feel safe. >> we had to keep assuring him that he was safe. that no one was going to harm him. that this was going to be a
11:50 am
permanent home. he was getting a whole big family. he had plenty of protection around him. >> debra and anthony mclean met in the military in germany and decided in addition to biological children, that they wanted to help foster kids as well. >> well we had taken care of over 86 children in the 23 years that we've been fostering and adoptive parents. >> he says they started adopting their foster children when they realized how difficult it was so say good-bye when foster children left their care to move on. >> i cried for every last one that left my house. it's been a year since we featured ahmad as a wednesday's child. he was shy then and spoke very little. >> he was scared to go up the stairs by hisself. scared to go outside by his self. scared of people. >> right, he didn't want to take baths. and he just had a lot of things, a lot of things he had to work through and he just needed a family to have patience.
11:51 am
>> ahmad says it's mostly his new dad's big muscles that make him feel safe. as a minister, anthony mclean says his ministry has become helping to save children. and not just on sunday. he teases ahmad about that. >> i wanted a sunday child but they told me he was a wednesday's child. >> he said ahmad is his son now for every day. >> it's monday through sunday, that's my son. >> if you have room in your home and heart for a wednesday's child, please call our special adoption hotline, the number is 188-to adopt me. it is 11:51 now and coming up, the movie tom hanks will be filming in virginia. plus meteorologist tom kierein will be back with another check on the storms that could hit our area tomorrow. stay with us. [ male announcer ] are you paying more and more for cable
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11:54 am
actor tom hanks is headed to virginia beach to film a few scenes for a movie. hanks will star as the captain of the maresk alabama, about the rescue of richard phillips, somali pirates took him pirate
11:55 am
in 2009. the movie will be released next march. >> the former high school football star exonerated from a rape charge will resume his dream of playing in the nfl. the redskins invited linebacker brian banks to a one-day workout at redskins park in 2002, a woman accused him of rape. he spent more than five years in prison and had to register as a sex offender. but recently his accuser recanted her story. and the convention was thrown out. an nfl trainer says even though banks hasn't played football in a decade, he's been working out nonstop to try to get back into the game. a pizzaria that's been in business for 37 years in the district is about to close. the armand chicago pizzaria on wisconsin in northwest washington will close june 30th. the owner says the rent has gone up every five years, making it too expensive to keep the flagship restaurant open in a news4 exclusive, he says it's hard to close this location where his family has grown up.
11:56 am
>> very, very kind of heartbroken. it's tough to contemplate. we've spent our whole adult lives here, grew up as teenagers, and our kids grown up here. so -- it's hard, it's hard. >> at this point the other four armand's franchises in the area do plan to stay open. >> pat lawson-muse joins us in the news room with a preview of things to come. pta? >> coming up, should sean combs' son give back his full college scholarship. there's a lot of debate about that. georgia alfredis will join us with hollywood headlines and a health warning, why pet owners may be at higher risk for getting salmonella poisoning. a story you don't want to miss, join us for news4 starting at 4:00. time for a final check of the forecast.
11:57 am
here's tom. >> heat is on as we approach the noon hour, it's hitting the 80s throughout most of maryland, virginia the districts. all of those areas in orange are in the 80s, out to our west and north it's still generally in the mid and upper 70s, low humidity in place, a delightful late spring day under way as we say good-bye to may, we'll have plenty of sunshine. and for tomorrow, big change on the way, increasing clouds, front moves in. we could get strong storms, friday evening is the timing on it, we could get the storms producing damaging winds and hail and very heavy downpours. then, maybe lingering showers around dawn saturday and clearing out after that. a beautiful day saturday afternoon. nice on sunday, partly cloudy, near 80, near 80 each day next week. and we are just minutes away from the start of a free public memorial for the godfather of go-go, chuck brown. these are live pictures from the inside of the washington convention center. the chuck brown band will
11:58 am
perform along with sugar bear, mesa, james funk and more. you can watch the entire chuck brown memorial service live starting at noon on, and on nbc washington nonstop. you can watch it on comcast channel 208, vios channel 460, cox channel 803 and 4.2 over the air. and that's "news4 midday" for today, we thank you for being with us. and invite you to tune in for more news at 4:00, 5:00, 6:00 and tonight at 11:00, we'll be back tomorrow morning at 11:00 a.m. for "news4 midday."
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